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We are on a mission to spread gratitude and human connection in the world. We build technology that helps people share more of the appreciation, love and support that connects us deeply with the people that matter to us. This simple act will transform our relationships, lives and the world.


Andrew Horn is an Austin-based social entrepreneur, writer, and communication coach. He was recently called "Dale Carnegie for the Digital Age" by Forbes. 

He is currently running the startup he Co-Founded,  The NewYorker has called the business "Hallmark 2.0." and they were recently named to the illustrious TechWeek 100. The site has helped 2,000,000+ users to celebrate the people they care about with a video montage of their community telling them why they're awesome.


Financial Analyst


Tribute started in the summer of 2014 as a simple gift from Miki to Andrew (our Co-Founder). Miki sent an email out to 20 of Andrew’s closest friends and family members and asked them to send in a video telling Andrew why they loved him or how he’s impacted their life. The result was a 20-minute video montage that was the most meaningful gift Andrew had ever received. After hearing how difficult it was for Miki to create the Tribute, we had our lightbulb moment. What started as a simple gift, grew into a business and movement to help the masses experience the same joy that Andrew felt that first night. Tribute was born. Since them, we have sent more than 2,000,000 love-filled Tribute videos on our platform.

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Are you ready for your close-up? Hallmark cards now come with video greetings

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Outdated Leadership Approaches No Longer Work; Here’s What Does, Experts Say

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Ideas for Gifts Worth Keeping, Or Even Passing Down

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