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Snowball Wealth is an app that helps people understand and pay off their student debt. Snowball provides personalized goals and recommendations on how and when to pay off debt. Comparing refinancing, optimizing payments, and federal programs, Snowball ensures users make the best decision for their situation.


Being first generation college grads has impacted the way we think about personal finance and building wealth.
We experienced first-hand the pain of student debt – carrying debt impacted us in profound ways. It changed the way we made major life decisions, like pursuing jobs and buying a home. But it also impacted the way we viewed having a family and even dating.
The three of us spent more than a decade in the finance and tech industries, working at places like Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and Google. Along the way, we realized that most people overpay their student debt without knowing that there are different options. We saw the opportunity to harness technology to tackle this challenge and get financial freedom and stability.

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We started Snowball Wealth so that you have the right tools and resources to make the best financial decisions.

With our first product, we are making it easy to understand your finances and pay off your student debt in the smartest way possible. We handle the analysis, option comparisons, and calculations, so that you can make the best choices that work for your lifestyle. Essentially, we’re building the tools we wish we had when we graduated college.

With Snowball Wealth – one product at a time – we’re setting out to build a modern, honest and inclusive fintech company.

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Snowball Wealth CEO Tanya Menendez is blazing a trail for Latina women in tech

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Lessons learned from a millennial who paid off $120,000 of student debt in 26 months

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