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NICKLpass helps teams like yours manage multiple subscriptions in one platform, making sure they don't miss news like your #1 competitor’s recent product launch, or exclusive coverage of a key trend that affects your business model.


Founded in 2000, Reign Ventures is recognized as a top-ranking Venture Capital Firm. We have an enviable track record of finding the next big thing in a variety of industries and sectors. We invest in companies at every stage from seed to growth and provide them with the equity capital and support necessary to scale up from early-stage startup to successful business.

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NICKLpass offers access to news articles, research reports, videos, and data from multiple sources with one login. Its browser extension and mobile app manages all news and information subscriptions in one place so one can get information when they need it most. Its system enables to easily assign any number of teammates access to news and information sources your organization reads the most. The platform also lets to easily save and share articles and videos that would better inform or inspire teammates.

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Getting past the paywall: Comcast-backed Philly startup wants to help sell news

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The most promising Philly tech companies in this new decade: RealLIST Startups 2020

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8 Startups Land Partnerships With Comcast NBC Universal Lift Labs Following The Accelerator Program, Powered By Techstars

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