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We built Letterhead to help publishers of all kinds succeed at publishing great newsletters, engaging their community, and generating revenue.


Christopher Sopher is the co-founder and CEO of Letterhead, a platform that offers business tools for newsletters. Sopher is also the co-founder of Whereby Us, a network of local newsletters across cities like Miami, Seattle, Portland, and Pittsburgh. Whereby Us is profitable and earns over $1.5 million in revenue per year. 

When founding his first newsletter, the New Tropic in Miami in 2014, Sopher noticed a common complaint from his friends and neighbors: "I'm barraged by information, but I don't feel informed," he says. "What we recognized out of that was that there was this sense of community and belonging that people were really craving, and traditional, local news from the newspaper was not designed to do that. So we saw an opportunity to potentially make a contribution there."

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Our team has a probably-unhealthy obsession with email. We built WhereBy.Us, a network of local newsletter communities that reaches 75,000 locals every day and generates millions of dollars in annual revenue.

A lot of people would ask us: how do you do newsletters? Seems like more effort than it's worth. 

The truth is, without good software: it is.

So we built our own platform to help everyone build stronger communities through email.

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Letterhead Sees Local News Becoming Local Newsletters

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Letterhead wants to be the Shopify of email newsletters

Christopher Sopher CEO of Letterhead.jpeg

Letterhead & Whereby Us CEO Christopher Sopher: Offer Your Readers Little Bits of Treasure

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