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We are committed to providing companies and researchers the tools to collaborate effectively for driving innovation.


Kofi is the co-founder and CEO of NotedSource. Kofi’s career began in academic research at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. After switching to the private sector, Kofi has worked in a range of roles primarily focused on corporate R&D and new product development. Kofi built the first MVP of the platform and gathered the first hundred researchers to join the platform. His role at NotedSource is focused on leading the team and the development of both sides of the platform, business, tech development and investment.



We believe that professors, post-docs, scientists and other researchers have deep, untapped knowledge and expertise that can be leveraged to drive innovation within companies.


NotedSource is committed to bridging the gap between academia and industry by providing a platform for collaboration.

NotedSource identifies the right academic experts in 24 hours to help organizations build and grow. With a platform of thousands of knowledgeable PhDs, scientists, and industry experts, NotedSource makes connecting and collaborating easy.

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