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We're passionate about bringing innovative, tech-driven solutions to parents. First up, a discreet, quiet breast pump that fits under your shirt so you can finally pump on your terms.


We are Sam and Jared, a wife-and-husband team based in St. Louis, Missouri. We have a toddler son named Exton (who is Babyation's Chief Baby Officer). We created Babyation from a desire to improve the breast pump, but we quickly realized parenting is more than just that. Every day, we are inspired to create new and better experiences for parents, and we look forward to sharing them with you. Almost as much as we look forward to taking a nap.

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Feminism, freedom and family. That’s what we were thinking about when we created Babyation. We create bold solutions at the intersection of healthcare, data and technology. We are thoughtfully improving products for the most intimate areas of the body so that women can live their best life as they work, play, parent, and age.

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Building a Better Breast Pump, Not a Milking Machine

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When You See This Genius Breast Pump You'll Wonder Why It Took So Long

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The Breast Pump Finally Joins The 21st Century

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